My Online Midwife: An innovative, effective, economical way to deliver information to maternity service users

Designed for NHS Trusts, My Online Midwife can replace / augment existing in-house antenatal classes.

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Powerful Features Provided By Our Bespoke Backend Server.

The brains of our cloud-based system works behind the scenes, to enable incredible functionality to the user and healthcare professional, via lightweight apps and web widgets.

XML Subtitles

Provides multilingual capability from a single source, to reach those without English as a first language

Reach The Most Vulnerable Women

Launched with subtitles in 6 languages, including English for those hard of hearing.

Website Integration

Ensures even the most vulnerable women can directly access antenatal education from your site

Add Into Your Own Website

Provide antenatal education, direct from your current website.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor user metrics and individual women’s usage, to confirm information given and identify those not receiving support

Get A Complete Overview Of Your users

User metrics can be anonymised and minimal patient data is stored on a secure server.

Zero Paper Solution

My Online Midwife is localised for each Trust. Add your own leaflets and flyers, specific to your area directly into the collections. Information on baby classes, local clinics, your staff and contact details. You can even add coupons, vCards and event information.

High Quality Content

My Online Midwife boasts 8 modules, broken up into bite-sized chunks. The course takes the pregnant woman from finding out that they are pregnant, right through their pregnancy and beyond to advice on the first few nights at home and breastfeeding.


Over 4 hours of peer reviewed content


+4 hours

Peer reviewed by

• Finding out that you are pregnant
• Signs and symptoms of pregnancy
• Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy
• Healthy eating in pregnancy
• Pain and bleeding in early pregnancy
• Domestic violence in pregnancy
• Mental health in pregnancy
• Late Pregnancy
• Managing back and pelvic pain
• Your appointments
• Complications during pregnancy
• Am I in labour?
• Active Labour
• Labour and birth (graphic animation)
• Introduction (Entonox, Pethidine, Meptid)
• Relaxation breathing
• Using a birthing pool
• Having an epidural
• Assisted birth
• Having a caesarean section
• Induction of labour
• Giving birth to twins
• Your baby’s first breaths
• First few days at home with your new baby
• Looking after yourself
• Learning to breastfeed
• Breast feeding (graphic animation)
• Andrea and Rosie’s breastfeeding journey

The First 12 Weeks of Pregnancy Videos are Guest Access


You can view all the guest videos in our gallery.

Integrate My Online Midwife Into Your Own Site

What are the options?

My Online Midwife can be integrated into your own trust website in a number of ways.

This can be just simple URL links to our own hosted version of the program, a set of APIs that can be provided to allow you to build the functionality into your own site, or even a Virtual Machine placing our content onto your server.

URL links will push users from your site to ours, but are simple to add.
API calls are more complex to integrate, but allow you to make the program look and feel like the rest of your site. We can also provide APIs if you wish to build your own Apps!
A Virtual Machine is very quick to install, but our team may need access to your servers for any maintenance, updates or repairs of the system.

We are incredibly flexible and happy to work with you to find the solution that is best suited to your needs and to help you achieve the experience you wish to create.

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No More Capacity Issues!

My Online Midwife can service every single pregnant woman. Below are a handful of quotes from people frustrated with the current NHS system. You can read all the comments directly on the NHS website page for antenatal care.

I am 22 weeks gone and have found out today that the antinatal classes in my area are FULL this is my first baby and i am now worried an
axious about what to expect i cannot afford to spend the £200 on the nct classes .
I also couldn’t attend until 35 weeks pregnant because of demand and I couldn’t afford NCT classes as they are over £200 in my area.
I’m 29 weeks and my question is this should I have been offered antenatal classes by my midwife or should I of arranged it myself.
I am very scared and worried about labour and first days with the baby as they don’t keep you in the hospital for even 24 hours now. Having no classes makes it all worse.
My midwife insinuted that I do not deserve to have the free NHS classes. Despite telling her we have no plans to do the NCT version she lectured me about how the NHS course is “for people who can’t afford NCT” and the spaces are limited.
I am now 26+4 weeks pregnant with my first
child and haven’t received any information about antenatal classes from my midwife! I feel totally disgusted that no-one thus far has provided me with any information, especially as its my first baby 🙁
Now I am unable to get into antenatal classes ( I received no information about this either) so may have to go private. Seriouly, I feel so disappointed in the system – this is my first child and I have no idea what is meant to be happenning, whether the baby is the right size or anything.
I am 20wks and i was told my area midwife don’t hold antenatal classes so i will need to go to my hospital to access the care they offer. They have told me today that they are fully booked and can’t offer anything. That I will have to access NCT classes. I too work and have a very large Mortgage which I worked hard to get so dont qualify for their discounts and £170 is something I can not afford to pay. This is my first baby and I dont have any siblings so dont know who to care for a child.
It’s an absolute disgrace, my wife is pregnant with our first child and we have been told we are not going to get these classes because they are filled!!! We can’t afford private classes so now are left ignorant and neglected. Christ only knows what we’ll do when the baby gets here, if any one of the three of us makes it to her first birthday it’ll be a miracle. Doesn’t anyone know if i can find recordings of these classes anywhere? It should be easy enough to smuggle in recording equipment with all those bumps about… In closing my dear NHS, I’m very dissapointed in you and woried for the health of my new family. thanks a million, i’m glad my taxes are wirth it. One parting piece of advice to anyone else considering getting pregnant; book the classes first and work the baby around them!!!

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