My Online Midwife (MOM) – 3 month implementation plan

This simple plan allows time for the integration of My Online Midwife into your current education system. You may like to consider this time-frame when constructing budget bids.
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Month 1: Pre-production

Nominate an information contact to liaise with MOM (normally this would be whoever is responsible for patient information distribution, and who works within a clinical setting). This contact person will be responsible for supporting the rollout on your side.

We will provide you with a project manager to help you get your MOM system in place, and an English language support number if you experience any technical problems. Service user support will be provided by your team.

Provide all the relevant documents to us that you would like to include as .pdfs with the videos, and specifying which videos they would like the subject matter to be linked to.

Telling us which telephone number(s) your hospital wishes to use as a contact helpline. (Some units will already have a maternity helpline number, others may perhaps nominate their existing Central Delivery Suite, antenatal ward or maternity outpatients number to be used.

Tell us how many MOM ID numbers you anticipate that you will need over the full course of the contract length i.e. 3 years. Each mother requires a MOM ID.

Tell us what your reporting requirements are for audit purposes. You will also need to nominate a person who is to receive and monitor this information, and provide us with contact details.

Month 2: Content adaptation and production

MOM can work with your chosen agencies to add any written language as subtitles, to record additional or new videos and provide a voiceover for spoken languages. MOM can also deliver these services if you have no existing local relationship to do so.

Month 3: Publicity and launch

Inform all service users (staff and patients) how the new system will work and when it will start. MOM is state of the art and is also a very straightforward and simple system to operate. The MOM team can work with you to create a training plan for your key staff. This will teach them about the system and its content including any changes they need to make to their working practices.

The key staff can then disseminate the information, with the help of printed leaflets presentations and e-mail to the rest of the team.

It is important that your first point of contact health professionals are aware of the need to tell pregnant women about ‘Your guide to the first 12 weeks’. You may choose to organise drop-in pregnancy clubs in your local children’s centres a this stage.

Distribute leaflets and posters to raise awareness of MOM in your local libraries, children’s centres, GP surgeries etc. Distribution of the material is your responsibility and we can provide templates and advise on the content.